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  • The late night show with Jimmy Fallon - featuring Kristi Wade with        Cirque du Soleil's production called Toruk- the first flight. - Co director James Cameron.

  • Toruk the first flight by Cirque du Soleil and James Cameron. 

  • I am - the back flip to bed girl. This viral video has taken over social media for the last 4 years straight, receiving millions of likes and shares.

  • The Sydney morning herald.

  • Sydney's - The today show 

  • Yahoo 7 interview

  • The Footy Show 

  • Community Chest Charity TV show. with Jackie Chan in Singapore

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  • Kristi Wade and Antonia Dolhaine feature on perth's 9news, representing their aerial creative workshop intensive and promoting Cirque Du Soleil- TORUK.

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