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Splits for Snaps


My names Kristi and im a former Cirque du Soleil performer. I've been apart of the Circus Arts and Live Production industry for 25 years. This career as an artist has taken me all over the globe allowing me to meet some of the most interesting characters,

on and off stage.


I've fallen in love with this industry and over time my passion for the stage has lead me to capturing the unique & talented humans on it. Photographing Cirque du Soleil shows and behind the scenes taught me that there is something so beautiful and untold there, almost like a parallel universe. Where you see bare faced artists at the 30 minute call, then transition into these incredible characters when the curtain rises. 

Its that space before and after the red nose is put on, that i want to document.

I would love to help frame your show, both in the spotlight and/or behind it. 

As a performer myself, I understand the ins an outs of Live Production and promise to capture no toe unpointed.. Unless that's your thang.

Let's chat over coffee, my shout!

Otherwise you can reach me below


Toruk - by Cirque du Soleil

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